Fair is fair. Fight back.

If your company’s insurance provider has turned on you, don’t give up.

Across the nation, businesses rely on insurance as a financial safety net against risk and catastrophe. Now as businesses seek to survive and recover during the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurers are denying payment for the losses incurred largely as a result of the public health restrictions imposed by state or local governments.

You need a team that will work tirelessly and tenaciously on your behalf.

A national coalition of four sophisticated, experienced law firms has established a dedicated team of attorneys to help companies and organizations recover operational losses and damages in the wake of COVID-19. With a longstanding reputation for success in complex litigation and arbitration, collectively, these firms have secured very significant settlements and judgments in high-profile matters from the insurance industry, under many different types of policies.

Currently, the team is engaged with a wide range of businesses and organizations – educational institutions, real estate companies, and the owners and operators of hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, apartment complexes and entertainment venues — to substantiate and, if necessary, litigate business interruption claims.

These lawyers are uniquely qualified to support clients in these disputes, as they are armed with a deep knowledge of the denial and delaying strategies used by insurers. Several members of the team have served as counsel to large national insurance companies, providing a valuable perspective on how to build the strongest case on behalf of their clients.

Through this collaborative approach, the firms have all the necessary resources to efficiently and effectively serve a full range of client needs, from the largest corporations to the smallest of businesses.

This initiative is supported by the following four law firms that have joined forces to form a national coalition of business interruption attorneys.

Chicago, Cleveland, New York and St. Louis
Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City
Madison, Wisconsin